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Time to deep clean your sofa: Things to avoid

The sofa is probably one of the most frequently used pieces of furniture in the home. Compared to the bed, the strain put on the sofa on a daily basis makes it prone to premature aging as well as massive wear and tear. This is the reason sofas need special attention because buying one every couple of months is not going to be practical for most people. Many people dust their sofas on a daily basis which is a good thing because it removes the dirt that would otherwise accumulate if left there over a long period of time. As much as your interest is to get ample service from your sofa, that is not going to happen if you do any of the following;

Use harsh chemicals

Every cleaning agent is a chemical but various fabrics have specialized chemicals that are safe to use. Before you use any chemical on the sofa fabric, read the label to enlighten yourself on what needs to be done at every stage of the cleaning process. Did you know that some cleaning agents are too strong and would cause skin irritation, respiratory complications and most importantly, discolor upholstery?

Go for extended periods without cleaning

Sofas require a regular cleaning routine to maintain their fresh appearance. If you skip a cleaning session or start one but never finish as you should, the sofa can accumulate dirt that will be either too difficult or costly to remove. Furthermore, sofas that stay for long periods of time without cleaning soon start to appear pale and old.

Engage substandard sofa cleaners

Every once in a while, sofas need to be cleaned by end of tenancy cleaning London professionals. It is tempting to hire cheap cleaners because you get to save money on an essential service but the end result could be devastating. Apart from the fact that such companies may not use the correct products for your sofa, they might not pay attention to thorough cleaning. Often, cheaper service cost is associated with bad quality and the service men lack insurance and proper training.

These sofa cleaning mistakes eventually lead to permanent damage to your sofa. The remedy involves buying another piece of furniture or overhauling what you have destroyed to get adequate service from it. Although it might sound like an expensive practice, you would rather consult numerous times from a professional end of tenancy cleaning London practice than do the wrong thing.

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