MK50:50 Challenge is a big hit

Date Posted:18/10/2017

The Redway Runners MK50 event was called the ‘MK50:50 virtual challenge in conjunction with Harrys Rainbow’.  Participants had to travel by foot (walk or run) 50 miles in 67 days.

They had 436 who undertook the challenge and between them they completed 20,864 miles that they reported weekly.  This was published as a table on the Facebook page. 358 participants actually completed the challenge and received their medal for doing so.  They came from Bedford, Spain, Leighton Buzzard, Luton and Northants but obviously the majority (401) had an MK postcode.

Comments received:

‘It’s made me walk to the shops instead of getting the car out’
‘We are attempting to walk all of the Redway network in Milton Keynes whilst doing this’
‘I’ve gone out walking with the children on their bikes just to get some miles in’

Many people reported activity whilst they were on holiday and sent photos in with their Harry’s Rainbow wristbands on which was published on the Redway Runners Facebook page.  It was open to all and there were many that were not Redway Runners and there were Nordic walkers and other walking groups who entered as well.

It was costed to not make a profit but any profit that was made was put into the club charity of the year which was MK Hospital services cancer ward.